Frequently Asked Questions

Did these materials Really come from the Big House?

Twenty-two miles of California redwood bleacher-style seats were installed prior to the 1927 dedication of Michigan Stadium. In 1965, the benches were clad in blue fiberglass to prevent discoloration and further weathering of the wood.

During an infrastructural upgrade at the Big House, a limited number of these seats were salvaged by a private party with a 30-year University relationship. On March 9, 2005, they were transported from the stadium grounds to private storage and ultimately to a warehouse about 300 yards from the stadium, where they’ve been preserved since 2010.

Based on the history and evidence, Michigan Athletics has approved licensing of products made from the materials. Every premium wood product includes a COA and materials timeline.

Tokens & Icons, renowned and respected for their work with college and professional sports clientele, has been enlisted to produce our premium wood products.

Originating from the same materials, our Stadium Bracelets are handmade by Carved in northern Indiana and our Stadium Tokens are produced just minutes from Michigan Stadium.

How do you ship?

All domestic purchases ship via USPS Priority Mail for a flat rate: $8 base + $4 per item. Priority Mail is trackable and can reach any part of the United States in 1-3 days. Available stock will ship on a first-ordered basis. Contact us for information regarding expedited and international shipping options.

How fast will I receive my purchase?

Michigan Stadium products are hand-made on a rolling basis from a relatively small quantity of authenticated Big House seats. We keep items ready for immediate shipping and, as demand dictates, will produce more. The ordering page for each item will detail stock levels available for quickest delivery.

For domestic delivery estimates use the USPS Priority Mail Delivery Map. USPS Priority Mail to Canada can reach most locations in 6-10 days.

What is your return policy?

Whether you’re buying for yourself or as a gift, you’re not selecting an interchangeable commodity but a distinctive creation with a verified provenance. Any defect or shipping damage will be addressed through return or exchange.

What is the “Victors Edition” pen? Will there be other Editions?

The VICTORS EDITION pen, limited to just 1,927 pieces, represents the first production run of the Michigan Stadium pen available anywhere. The Certificate of Authenticity included with each pen lets you know where yours falls in the production order. There is a finite supply of authenticated Big House seating so when the VICTORS EDITION pen sells out, we will have to evaluate material availability for subsequent editions.

Can I request specific numbers within the limited edition?

Sorry, we’re unable to accommodate requests for individual numbers…with one exception. Pens numbered 1-99 have been set aside for Michigan football alumni or purchase by their family members. On a first-come basis (a handful have already been claimed), players may request their jersey number. Public sales will start with pen #100 and ship in numerical order through #1927. Any unclaimed player numbers will be released on September 1, 2019.

Okay, I’m a former player (or family member or friend buying for a player). What do I do?

We need reasonable verification that you’re buying as, or for, a Michigan football alumnus and not a fan trying to score a rare souvenir. Before making your purchase, check that your number is still available. Please use the Contact form to identify yourself (name/jersey number/years played) or who you’re buying for. We may reach out to confirm. Follow up with a comment in the notes section when you place your order.

Check the PEN/PLAYER ROSTER to see if your number has been claimed yet. Don’t forget to claim your VICTORS EDITION pen before September 1, 2019 when unclaimed numbers will be released for public sale.

The name, position, and years played by alumni will be displayed on our roster for each jersey number claimed.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, securely processed through Stripe.

Can I make a tax-exempt purchase for a non-profit or reseller?

We are required to collect tax on all qualifying purchases made in Michigan but, yes, you can make a tax-exempt purchase. The State of Michigan requires that we collect Form 3372 whether or not you provide a tax exempt number.

Are you part of the University?

No, we’re not an entity within the University of Michigan or Michigan Athletics but we work with the University and our premium wood products are produced under license by Tokens & Icons.

Can I visit a Brick & mortar Store to see these products?

Unfortunately, we don’t operate a physical storefront.

Any discounts for quantity or Wholesale purchases?

Authenticated Michigan Stadium materials are in short supply so product quantities are limited. Quantity discounts will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Use the Contact form to share your story and ask any questions.

Will my item look exactly like the photos on your site?

Our manufacturers adhere to high standards and strict tolerances but natural variation in wood, wear and weathering make each item unique. Even the fiberglass seat covers, cut by CNC water jet and laser engraved, will display individual character.

I Bought a Michigan Stadium Bracelet. How do I adjust the fit?

First of all, don’t untie the knots! Just slide the knots closer along the cord to make the loop bigger. Slide them apart to tighten. Click here to see resizing in action.

How durable or waterproof is the Bracelet?

The bracelet is designed to withstand day-to-day wear. The resin-stabilized wood, anodized aluminum housing and waxed cotton cord are tough but, like you, can be scratched or cut. As for water: don’t submerge your bracelet for extended periods. Sweating, getting splashed or rained on is okay but take it off before swimming and give it a quick rinse & dry after saltwater exposure.

Just How strong are the magnets used on the tokens?

They may be small but the grade-N45 neodymium rare earth magnets are among the strongest available. If you want to bring a stadium token with you on game day, you might opt for the standard version. The magnetic token may try to attach itself to the key ring in your pocket. Wherever you are, keep the magnet away from hard drives, pacemakers, credit cards or other magnetic media and don’t allow children or pets to swallow them. These magnets are incredibly strong and can break if you let them snap onto a metal surface too quickly. This is not a manufacturing error. Treat them with some care.

Where did you find the cool Stadium Photos on your About Page?

The Bentley Historical Library has a wealth of historical information. Used under Creative Commons license, the stadium photos on our site include: Michigan Stadium Aerial View, 1927, Athletic Department Records; Michigan Stadium Expansion, 1949, Fielding H. Yost Papers; Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan.