From the Big House to Your House

Origin Story & Timeline

More than 22 miles of California redwood seats were installed prior to the 1927 dedication of Michigan Stadium. In 1965, the blue fiberglass covers, familiar to Wolverine fans, were added to protect the wood. In 2005, several bench seats were salvaged and set aside.

Scarcity & Style

The University of Michigan Athletic Department has authenticated fewer than two dozen bench seats, so there is a limited amount of material available for these products. Choose beauty, utility, or a combination of the two. The elegant design of our wood products is a Tokens & Icons hallmark.

Timeless tradition to Future Function

Leaders and Best in so many ways, the history and power of University of Michigan Athletics is unparalleled. Michigan Stadium has long been the manifestation of timeless and lofty ideals. Our products honor these traditions by preserving the enduring qualities of the Big House.

The Big House to your house

Preserve the Michigan Stadium legacy in your own way. Seize a rare opportunity to take more than a selfie, to keep more than a ticket stub or a game program. Take home, or give as a gift, a tangible representation of the Wolverine athletic tradition. Own a piece of Michigan Stadium history.